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Arx Fatalis review at Video Game News

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Arx Fatalis review at Video Game News

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 19 December 2002, 07:21:14

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Video Game News has posted an interesting review of Arx Fatalis, giving it a what might be coveted Thumbs Up rating. Then again, here's how the review starts:

Arx Fatalis is a wild mix of FPS, like Unreal, RPG, like Neverwinter and point-and-click adventure, like Myst. This is truly one of the unique games on the market. It looks and sounds great and plays really well too. Anyone looking to break out of the formulaic gameplay of all RPGs is really in for a treat. The way you use magic alone will draw every hardcore player right in. Once you get into the Arx you won?t be able to get out, despite a few bugs that linger even after the patch is installed.​

I'm not sure why he couldn't just say, "It's a first person RPG", since that's all that first line says.

Spotted this at Blue's.

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