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Cyclopean - Mr Green, in the library, with the candlestick

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Cyclopean - Mr Green, in the library, with the candlestick

Preview - posted by baby arm on Tue 19 May 2009, 17:43:46

Tags: Cyclopean; Iron Tower Studio

Scott from Iron Tower has another Cyclopean writing example available for you to poke at.

Doctor Wolcott: The police believe that you murdered your step-father, Ward Rockwell, and your own mother as well. What do you believe, Mr. Barton?

Giles Barton: It’s not what I ‘believe’ as you put it. It should be evident to anyone who takes the time to look at the facts. Rockwell did it. He killed my mother, shot her, because she knew what he was about, that he was a liar and thief. She was going to throw him out. The dead man isn’t Rockwell. It's a colleague of his. He killed this colleague to throw the police off his trail.

DW. Right, we will return to that point, but may I suggest an alternative explanation? You admit that you hated your step-father. You hated him every day for five long years. Arguments, tantrums, running away, only to be retrieved by the police, this was the routine in your house. Everyone knew about it: the neighbours, your teachers, the grocer, everyone the police questioned. Five years is a long time for a young man, I remember what it was like. I’m not exactly a dinosaur myself, you know. And one day, you let your rage carry you away and you killed him with his own pistol.

GB. That isn’t what happened–

DW. Threw your mother into the bargain. Bullet through the heart, both of them. She was responsible for bringing him into your house though. She had to be punished.
*a pause here on my part elicited no response.​

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