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Avernum 6 Details

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Avernum 6 Details

Development Info - posted by baby arm on Fri 22 May 2009, 06:16:54

Tags: Avernum 6; Spiderweb Software

Indie RPG big man on campus Jeff Vogel would like you to know a few things about Avernum 6.

* Every graphic has been redone. All of the icons will be anti-aliased and have shadows, which makes the game look much nicer. It's the prettiest game we've ever done.

*I will use and expand upon all interface improvements from Geneforge 5. Being able to play in a window, play at any resolution, etc.

* The buffing system will be very similar to Geneforge 5. Haste is weaker now, and you can have fewer buffs overall. Haste potions will be full double actions, though, the sort from the older games.

* A bunch of game and system improvements. Dual-wielding weapons is back. The world map will be much more useful, as will quest destination marks on your map. You can see full information about items by mousing over them. (Finally!)

* My favorite trio of wizards, Solberg, Lark, and Gladwell, return. As does X. And many other familiar faces.

* The game takes place in Avernum. The old Avernum. But, for the first time, you start in the Great Cave.

* The final fate of Avernum, it turns out, is something I've been foreshadowing since Exile 2.

* Anama, no. Skribbane, yes. And yes, the first hit is free.​

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