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Divinity 2 - alleged September release and interview

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Divinity 2 - alleged September release and interview

Game News - posted by Monolith on Fri 5 June 2009, 14:53:56

Tags: Divinity II; Larian Studios

Besides shedding some light on what shapeshifting into a dragon means gameplay-wise in Divinity 2, IGN finished off this short E3 preview with the following line:

Divinity 2 is due out in September for PC and Xbox 360.​

Then there's this short Q&A on the official Divinity 2 site with the Lead Artist and the Lead Writer of Divinity 2...

What do you feel makes a great fantasy world?
Jan: From a story and writing point of view I’d say a great fantasy world is a harmonious one. By that I mean it is not merely an amalgam of loosely connected elements that may be enough to provide a fun, but fundamentally shallow game world. Rivellon is a place with a rich history and even though the player may not actually know that history, it is omnipresent, right beneath the surface and ready to be discovered should you wish to do so. There is nothing sterile about Rivellon and its inhabitants: everything and everybody has its own background, idiosyncrasies, beauties and flaws. I’m not just talking about the texts and characters either: the way the game looks, the architecture of towers and temples, the very way all locations have been decorated: it all adds to the atmosphere and history of Rivellon.

Koen: I tried to use these backgrounds as much as possible when creating the looks of certain factions. For instance, the looks of the Aleroth champions were designed with the ancient Romans in mind. Autocratic in nature, this trait is reflected in their architecture: huge and monumental. A proud people, their armours are intrinsically decorated with gold and silver.​

...and their creature section got updated with two new creatures, the inevitable skeleton and the necromancer Ygerna.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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