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RPGFan does Alpha Protocol

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RPGFan does Alpha Protocol

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Wed 10 June 2009, 05:17:40

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

RPGFan has a preview of Alpha Protocol based on the E3 showing. Not a huge amount of new information, but some snippets, and a lot of editor's (?) additions.

However, when back at your home base, you can play with hair style (including facial hair), and accessorize with hats, glasses, etc. (You can change your clothes, too, but instead of just making Thorton look like Fidel Castro, it actually has repercussions in the game. -JohnM).
The trick to this dialogue system, that makes it stand apart from Mass Effect (and other BioWare titles) is that these dialogue sequences are like quick-time events. You have a time limit (and a fairly short one at that) to determine your reaction. Doing your homework is key: in the menu, your dossier gives you background information on nearly every character you meet. Thus, if you read up on the people you may encounter, you know how to properly control their reactions.
The game's combat system looked rough in the demo we saw, with plenty of little graphical glitches that need to be ironed out before launch. But combat looks like plenty of fun. You enter missions with a limited selection of a large stockpile of weaponry. As you level, you can assign skill points to certain proficiencies to help master weapons usage (including martial arts). Much like Mass Effect, players unlock abilities the further they have placed their points in a particular skill. (The combat was looking good, even if there were some alpha-build glitches. I've got faith in Obsidian that this will be cleaned up. -JohnM).

There's a lot more to say based on the 30 minutes of gameplay we saw. Missions are radically open-ended, and anyone who laments the plain old "good or bad" morality choices of other RPGs will enjoy the truly morally ambiguous quality of this game. It's not about right or wrong: it's about getting the job done right, and seeing what happens along the way. (That's including seeing if you can bag the Bond girls, too. -JohnM). There's no question that we'll be looking forward to this game's full launch before the end of 2009.​
Maybe I'm wrong, and I hope I am, but it seems like they are implying that there are "best" ways to handle each NPC and it's as simple as just getting the dossiers or using a walkthrough to maximize your results.
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