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Achievement Unlocked: Get With All The Girls

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Achievement Unlocked: Get With All The Girls

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Thu 18 June 2009, 07:47:46

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

More Alpha Protocol previews coming in, though these actually have some snippets of "new" information. First we have MaximumPC:

We were also shown a bit of stealth – which, I imagine, terrified enemies allowed to be performed on them simply because they’d already seen their comrades’ barely recognizable husks and wanted their demises to be quick and clean. Stealth takedowns came in two flavors: lethal and non-lethal. Apparently, non-lethal takedowns are best used when infiltrating friendly territories. Beyond that, well, just remember, God is watching.
Color me impressed. After the presentation ended, though, I still had one ace up my sleeve. Jokingly, I asked if – like James Bond – your main character could potentially romantically “get with” all the main female characters in the game. “Yes,” said the presenter. “There’s even an achievement for that.”​
Next up is Gaming Angels:

There are even mini boss battles - if you choose the attack option while in conversations, certain characters will go into a mini-boss battle mode. These generally don’t end in death but can change how the characters align with you.

When you complete missions, you go back to your safe house, your RPG hub, where you can check your email or go to the store to buy intel or buy and upgrade your weapons. There is even a dialog system within emails where you can choose to be brief, direct, or snarky!
You can only go to Level 15, however, you will not max out your abilities your first run through. You will need to play the game a few more times in order to fully max out all your levels. The game promises 25+ hours of game play with over 40 missions available. With the new dialog system, playing the game 2-3 more times seems likely as the outcomes will be change dramatically each time you choose a different approach so there seems to be some replay value to the game.​
Some sort of Successive Play mode, or a preview error?
Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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