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Team Xbox Does A Decent Alpha Protocol Preview

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Team Xbox Does A Decent Alpha Protocol Preview

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Tue 23 June 2009, 01:16:19

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

It's still based off the same E3 demo, but Team Xbox got some extra info out of Obsidian. Some of it was bad, but there were more promising things said in the preview than I've seen in other coverage.

The game’s combat is as versatile. In our viewing of the game, we saw extensive use of cover as a way to avoid enemy gunfire, but also to catch your breath (and gain back some health) while formulating a strategy for what you’re going to do next.​
Paging skyway.

And the game’s “perk system” will add to your abilities as well. Ernst noted that it’s not like Fallout 3’s perks, because you don’t just get them when you level up. Instead, you’ll earn them on the fly as you play, pulling them down for certain things you accomplish.​
So it's like what a lot of Fallout 2 and Arcanum perks were like? Hopefully there will also be "reputation" perks.

The game is structured into three acts, so there’ll be plenty of storyline to work your way through. Ernst stated that Alpha Protocol will not only have multiple endings, depending on the various decisions you make throughout, but that it’ll also have “multiple middles,” which makes it sound like a broad RPG with loads of things to experience—which lends itself to a lot of replayability. If there’s truly a lot of branching off that can happen depending on the direction you take at a crossroads—either at a physical intersection or just a dilemma where you have numerous options for how to proceed—it’ll be fun to see how the story evolves and characters react when the circumstances are changed.​
This is a tall order. If Obsidian actually accomplishes this, it would be very impressive and make for quite a game.
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