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Pay Early, Get Stuff in Alpha Protocol Gameworld

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Pay Early, Get Stuff in Alpha Protocol Gameworld

Game News - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Mon 13 July 2009, 22:09:55

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

In a continuation of the new marketing trend of exclusive in-game items for Collector's Editions and pre-orders (see Gears of War 2, Dragon Age, etc.) Alpha Protocol is giving away different packs of goods for different pre-order packages, each exclusive to different outlets. No...seriously.

Reserve Alpha Protocol and receive the GameStop Exclusive Assault Pack containing:

• The GameStop exclusive UC Regulator high damage shotgun and shotgun upgrade kit.
• The GameStop exclusive Rittergroupen Grizzly high accuracy rifle and rifle upgrade kit.
• 30 Rounds Phosphorous Ammo
• 100 Rounds Sub Sonic Rounds
• 20 Explosive Grenades
• 10 Epinephrine Spikes

In addition, you will gain exclusive access to two modified weapons that can be purchased later in-game to enhance play and give you the upper hand: the Hamilton Howitzer huge volley shotgun and the Samael Retribution rapid-fire rifle.
Pre-order Alpha Protocol and receive the Game Crazy exclusive Stealth Pack with unlockable weapons and extras:

• Hamilton Marksman
• Samael Typhoon
• 30 Tranquilizer Rounds
• 100 Hollow Point Rounds
• 20 Remote Mines
• 10 Radio Mimics​
The bad news...this is a really goofy marketing gimmick. The good news is, all it seems like are a couple of special weapons and some bonus ammo. Also, ammo exists in this game, and in different types. And I'm curious as to what Radio Mimics do. Could be some interesting gadget play. Also it's only slated for PS3/360 as of yet, but Obsidian's PR isn't totally against some PC extras, as if PC users would care. I mean...it's not like everytime one of these things has been on a PC a quick opening of the console to spawn the bonuses hasn't worked across all versions (see BG2).
Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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