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Scars of War Lore Update

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Scars of War Lore Update

Game News - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Thu 30 July 2009, 04:41:31

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; Scars of War

Over at Iron Tower Studio Forums, Gareth, the head man behind Scars of War, has a post profiling one of the nations in the gameworld of the title, along with some (very nice) related concept art.

Though it would be easy to claim that the legendary Koethan dislike of outsiders is simply a result of it's largely Venthir population, a race well known for it's sour tempers and sullen disposition, in truth the attitude of Koeth's citizenry is a direct result of it's history, a history which has oft seen it under siege from hostile forces, both within and without, all the way back to the days when they guarded their borders against the supernatural might of the Imarathi God-Sorcerers. Such a history, as well as the sheer hostility of the Koethan landscape, have shaped a people as unyielding and enduring as the mountains they inhabit.​
And if anyone would prefer their information in blog form, the information is also mirrored on the Blog of War, with the art interspersed between paragraphs. Nifty.
Spotted at: Iron Tower Studio Forums

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