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Hands on with Diablo 3

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Hands on with Diablo 3

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 24 August 2009, 11:53:46

Tags: Diablo III

BlizzCon '09 has come and gone. Now it's time for the previews to come and go.

#1. War Cry talk about Monks:
When I encountered large groups of enemies, I'd find the mob who might have the most HP, tag them with a combo that ended with Exploding Palm, and then use the Seven-Sided Strike move which has the Monk do lightning fast strikes on multiple enemies (It's like Diablo II's Chain Lightning but "you're the lightning") and tip the enemy with the Exploding Palm damage-over-time into death, exploding the thing's body and causing huge area-of-effect damage. One body exploded, then the rest of them exploded.

#2. ShackNews clicky-click-click:
Click, click, click. It's rare that a game is so instantly recognized by simple onomatopoeia. Diablo III has that instant recognition factor; playing the game, it is simply Diablo from the first hack. At the same time, this isn't Diablo. It's flashier. It's faster. It's "more vibrant," as the team likes to put it.
Maybe it was the clouds of blood following me around, but I wasn't paying much attention to my Monk's quests in either of my playthroughs. They were the standard "go here, kill these guys" directives, handed out from NPCs with WoW-style exclamation marks above their heads. I did, however, enjoy the surprises Blizzard's working into the actual NPCs this time.

Whereas the secondary characters of Diablo were restricted to towns in the past, they now populate the world in a similar fashion to World of Warcraft. You'll find them in need of rescue, or surrounded by minions plotting an ambush.

#3. AtomicGamer also have theirs up:
The Witch Doctor is a more difficult to play class, mostly because his pets - including the redesigned Carrion Spiders - distribute out damage and you'll have to be the one to focus it for them. The main attack at Blizzcon for him was the ability to toss out bottles of exploding fluid; I had a hard time using these and ultimately found myself staring at the respawn screen quite a few times. He's definitely more of a finesse character, and he doesn't seem quite as polished as the Wizard or Barbarian yet.

If that's not enough, you can also check out Blizzard's own BlizzCon site.

Spotted @ GameBanshee

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