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Arx review at Game Chronicles

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Arx review at Game Chronicles

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 20 December 2002, 17:25:23

Tags: Arx Fatalis

Game Chronicles has posted a review of Arx Fatalis. It's probably one of the best reviews I've seen to date on the game in terms of aspect coverage. Here's a sample:

Arx Fatalis is a somewhat unique experience in a game. This isn't a first person shooter where you run around and kill things with glee. It's not really a tactical RPG game where you build up characters and fight hoards of monsters. It's more of a fantasy world simulation of sorts. You are thrown into a completely immersive fantasy world and must figure out how to get by in it and hopefully save it from a terrible fate. There are similar games, but most of them are from an age long past, such as the Ultima Underworld series. Perhaps a game like Morrowind would be similar to Arx, but Arx is more focused and tells a more involving story, while Morrowind concentrates on its grandness of scale and doing a little bit of everything.​

Those first two sentences are fairly odd since he's saying it's not a kill 'em all game or a different type of kill 'em all game, basically.

Spotted this at Blue's.

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