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DeathSpank - 1st Screens, an Interview, & 100 Chickens

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DeathSpank - 1st Screens, an Interview, & 100 Chickens

Preview - posted by Jason on Wed 2 September 2009, 06:53:24

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Adventure gaming kingpin and former Codex victim Ron Gilbert gave 1UP the first up close & personal preview for DeathSpank.

Throughout the story, you'll discover main and side quests, listed as Important and Unimportant tasks in your Quest Log. As you might imagine, some of these feel much like classic adventure game puzzles. In one situation, you run across a farmer who wants to grow top vegetables, and in order to help, you have to track down different types of exotic manure, one being Unicorn Poop. In another situation, you want to get a sword from recurring character Eubrick the Retired, who requests a taco in trade, so you have to go to a taco stand and ask for the ingredients he wants, but the taco stand isn't allowed to make an "extra spicy" one because of a lawsuit, so you have to track down a special plant and combine it with the taco in your inventory. (And yes, there will be a hint system -- "certainly a more robust one than what you'd have in a classic adventure game," says Gilbert.)​
Next came the interview:

And the way I think really good dialogue comes out is when you get done with this conversation with this person, and in some ways you felt like you had an actual conversation. You weren't just picking from menus and saying the same thing over and over again, having them respond with the same canned response a second time, but really varying all of those things... You know, you talk with someone about this and later on you discover, "Hey, now they're actually doing something a little different." But I think for that stuff to work it has to be subtle, because if it's not subtle gamers will start to meta-game it. They will start to look at the trees and they will start go, "Oh, you know what? I need to get this person to do this." So now they're making choices about the meta-game; they're not really making choices about experiencing the artistic nature of it all.​
Stay tuned for a video, LucasArts wet t-shirt contest, and other goodies throughout the week.

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