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Cyclopean Family Therapy Fanfiction

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Cyclopean Family Therapy Fanfiction

Development Info - posted by Jason on Fri 9 October 2009, 10:29:37

Tags: Cyclopean; Iron Tower Studio

Scott is giving you another little taste of the writing to be scattered about Cyclopean with a short story, "Clockwork".

Gleaming rows of tools and implements were carefully laid out in a broad, square room as clean and orderly as any surgery. Much of it was for the fussy work of timepieces, but there were knives and saws as well, and other more curious implements. It occurred to me then that perhaps Oppol had not arranged the front shop at all, but that the half-ruined room had sat in just that state for decades.

Everything centered around a long table about the length of a tall man, with a long depression running down the middle. At one end was a deeper, bowl shaped concavity with an open circle at the bottom, presumably a drain.​
Can't say for sure how these stories will be incorporated into the game, but keep in mind that those collectible cards with pictures of topless women you meet in the exotic world of Cyclopean will need some sort of text.

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