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Tim Cain's unnamed MMORPG @ Carbine

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Tim Cain's unnamed MMORPG @ Carbine

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 11 October 2009, 04:07:14

Tags: Tim Cain

It's MMO but we lub Timmy so without further ado, "Tim Cain on Carbine’s Mystery Project, and a Lifetime of Working and Teaching in the Gaming Industry":

Tim Cain: I’m Timothy Cain, I’m the Design Director. Which means I’m in charge of the design department, which we split into Systems, and World.

Systems is combat, creatures, items… basically everything that requires a specification. World is all the lore, and content.
Tim Cain: Yes, it’s very possible for a game to be art.
Tim Cain: That actually is the challenge. That’s one of the things we explore every day. I know how to tell a story in a single player RPG, I’ve done it multiple times. What’s fascinating to me about MMOs, is the first ones that were made were very sandbox.

There were no stories, there really weren’t even quests, the way a lot of people today would view quests.
I think people have been trained that an MMO has to be a certain way, and that they have to think of their progress as their experience bar. There’s other ways that are equally rewarding that are not necessarily, “You got two thousand experience points for doing this quest.”

That’s what we’re exploring, because I think our game actually begins when you hit the level cap.
I have all the D&D books from First Edition up to Four, keep dice in my office… in fact, one of the first booth I went to here was the Chessex booth. I don’t need to buy any more dice, I have enough, but for some reason I like looking at it.​
A man can never have enough dice.

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