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Leonard Boyarsky Interview at Hellgate Guru

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Leonard Boyarsky Interview at Hellgate Guru

Interview - posted by Jason on Thu 22 October 2009, 08:04:04

Tags: Diablo III; Leonard Boyarsky

Leonard Boyarsky sat down with Rex for an interview at Hellforge about the upcoming Lovecraftian psychological horror thriller, Diablo 3

Do you also draw inspiration from your previous games – for example Vampire or Fallout?

Leonard Boyarsky: One of the most interesting things for me is that Diablo has a very distinctive voice and you know it’s really something that we’re trying to stick to. We really want to get that feel of the horror – the underlying psychological horror. At its basis it’s an action game, so there’s only so much of that kind of feel you can kind of get. But I think Diablo 1 did it really well , and I think that it’s one of the things we really wanna hit.

Whereas, I think some of my past games I’ve been a bit more flippant in some of the dialogue writing. It’s just a different style, and we really wanna be true to that, and we really wanna make the dialogue as quality as possible, but we really wanna evoke the psychological horror feeling. You know, the whole Lovecraftian vibe of the universe. There’s all this stuff going on behind the scenes that’s just waiting to crush man.​

Thanks to PlanHex for the tip

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