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Is Alpha Protocol RPG Enough?

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Is Alpha Protocol RPG Enough?

Interview - posted by Jason on Sun 1 November 2009, 00:19:36

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

In an interview with Chris Avellone and Ryan Rucinski, VG247 brought up the recent comments from a Sony product evaluator who claimed that Alpha Protocol "felt barely RPG". Much soul searching and "what is an RPG" discussion followed.

The percentage that a player is engaged in each of the RPG elements also factors into the definition as well – Alpha Protocol is a pretty strong blend of action, character building, character interaction and reactivity (as well as providing options and optional content you never need to do). We have several major characters that you can kill, change the allegiance of, or never encounter at all, and all of these opportunities have major effects in the game. We think that’s core to the RPG experience; we want people to discuss “their” path and see how much it compares to someone else’s. (Our reactivity summaries in our debriefing screens showcase this pretty well.)

As a side note, we had a debug option that showcased all the reactivity for each level, and when a reviewer took a look at it, it was one of the aspects he enthusiastically brought up – he found that seeing all the reaction results for a level was pretty fascinating. He was able to see how all the mission choices and dialogue choices could have played out and the effects it would have on people’s reactions, intel, and future mission structure.

We’ve been tempted to provide the debug command to expose all the reactivity for the official reviews, but we’ll see. We may just want to let people discover them on their own.​

Thanks to Darth Roxor for the tip

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