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Avernum 6 Released, Overpowers Macs with Graphical Splendor

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Avernum 6 Released, Overpowers Macs with Graphical Splendor

Development Info - posted by Jason on Mon 30 November 2009, 22:10:26

Tags: Avernum 6; Spiderweb Software

Avernum 6 saw a Mac release last week. It's apparently selling well, according to Jeff Vogel, despite the graphical bells and whistles taxing some lower-end systems.

My main source of stress for Avernum 6 is system performance. I recently switched to more elaborate graphics that require hardware acceleration. This means that older machines and machines with quirky or flawed video hardware are falling off the back of the train. These people tend to make sure they let me know just how much they hate me and feel betrayed by me before they go. This tends to be accompanied by cheap shots about how graphically undemanding my games should be. Yeah. Right. Because throwing pixels all over your 1900 x 1200 monitor 30 times a second stops taking processor power just because it's not in 3-D. Look, I am a Cool Indie Developer, but I still have to obey the laws of physics.

On the bright side, Avernum 6 looks so much nicer than any game I've ever released. I went back and rerendered all of the icons, added shadows, and moved to a different system for storing and drawing icons. It does require more power, though I think the results are worth it. I really do need to move forward sometimes to keep engaged in the process. And many of my beta testers used Mac G4s, so I know the game can run on old machines. Not super fast all the time, but it works.​
The PC version is not due out until Spring of 2010, but at least that means I'll be half way through Avernum 5 by then.

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