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Beta Test Avernum 6

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Beta Test Avernum 6

Development Info - posted by Jason on Wed 6 January 2010, 07:36:14

Tags: Avernum 6; Spiderweb Software

Jeff Vogel is once again putting out the call for beta testers, this time for the Windows release of Avernum 6.

Right now we need Windows Testers for Avernum 6. We will prefer people withVista or Windows 7. You will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and get it back to us fairly quickly (Faxing it is a very good idea). People who don't get the NDA in promptly won't be able to test.

Important note:
We get lots of tester applications. Lots and lots of them. Sorting through the flood takes a lot of time. Due to the large number of applications we will receive, we will not respond to every application. Please do not E-mail us asking if you were accepted. We will only E-mail those who have been accepted. Many apologies, and good luck!​
Pros of testing for Spiderweb:
-Get to see the game early
-Free game

Cons of testing for Spiderweb:
-Frequent unannounced visits from Jeff Vogel
-Small print on NDA gives Vogel right to watch you pee

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