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Temple of the Roguelike interviews Thomas Biskup

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Temple of the Roguelike interviews Thomas Biskup

Interview - posted by Nedrah on Sun 17 January 2010, 21:28:43

Tags: Ancient Domains of Mystery

For the uninitiated, he's the guy behind ADOM.
You can read the full interview here

SZ: You have been lurking on the scene for a time now… what are your thoughts currently about Adom and JADE? Is there a future for them?

TB: I would say: Yes! Definitely! I’m itching to pick up JADE (I’m getting married, but I will restart in September on JADE) and Jochen and I are toying around with iADOM for the iPhone. There has been some external interest in business perspectives related to iADOM and we will have to see what all this will bring. Stay tuned!

SZ: How do you remember the first days of ADoM development, and how have things changed?

jadeTB: Things were innocent and experimental. I was learning C at that time, the Internet barely existed, Usenet was the communication channel of the day and I never dreamed of all the things that would happen since then.

Nowadays everything is happening at a much faster pace and on a more global level and computer RPGs really have picked off with MMORPGs.​

Looks like there might be some hope left for JADE after all. Too bad Biskup seems to have developed a serious case of Imoneyrules along the way.
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