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Brian Fargo + Bethesda = Wasteland 2?

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Brian Fargo + Bethesda = Wasteland 2?

Game News - posted by Jason on Tue 23 February 2010, 10:09:36

Tags: Brian Fargo; Wasteland 2

You may remember that Brian Fargo once declared his interest in making a sequel to Wasteland. Now Duck & Cover is reporting that:

After some investigating, DAC has discovered that Fargo has been on a press tour of Europe. When asked what he is promoting on the tour, he responded:

"My Chippendales calendar ;) actually our game that we are doing for Bethesda that has been under wraps for a couple years." 18 Feb 2010​
In case you've never visited the site for inXile, Brian's company, I recommend that you do and pay attention to the header art.

Thanks to KoC for the tip

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