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Arx Review at The Laser

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Arx Review at The Laser

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 27 December 2002, 19:00:49

Tags: Arx Fatalis

The Laser has done up a really flattering review of Arx Fatalis. They lubbed it, see:

If you're in the mood to practice magic, battle trolls and goblins, and pretend you're the true 'Lord of the Rings' then you might want to check the latest offering from JoWood Games. Arx Fatalis is an exceptional 1st person RPG adventure game that gives PC gamers an innovative spell casting system, incredibly life-like NPC's, intense puzzle solving, and incredible action/adventure gaming. Arx Fatalis is not only a great offering for the Holiday Season, but also a serious contender for PC Game of the Year. Read more about it right here at The Laser.​

In fact, the NPCs are so life like, you have to jump out of the character just to watch the dialogue!

Spotted at Shacknews.

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