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Underworld - Return of the Blob

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Underworld - Return of the Blob

Game News - posted by Jason on Fri 12 March 2010, 18:04:08

Tags: OlderBytes; Swords and Sorcery: Underworld

Scratch that old school blob-with-arms-and-legs itch with Underworld from Classic Games Remade.

Underworld is a full-fledged 80s style 3D perspective adventure game… with pretty pictures!
Underworld is comparable in look and feel to the first two Might and Magic, Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Wizardry or The Bard’s Tale. Lead a party of 6 adventurers into the underworld to take on a rising demon that threatens to cover the world in yet another darkness. Before you meet the final foe, there will be 5 other major enemies, and legions of monsters with a wide range of special abilities standing in your way.

But there will also be allies. Elves, dwarves and a misanthropic gnome will help you make the difference. Items of power you will find or be awarded along the way, your priest, paladin and sorcerer’s 40 spells, your rogue’s ability to assassinate, your archer’s infallible accuracy with missile weapons, and your knight’s resistance and strength will ultimately enable you to match the demon’s power.

All of this, combined with a large underworld, three towns, fast game mechanics, traps, treasure vaults, crypts, lairs and other surprises along the way will keep you on edge for dozens of hours before the final showdown. There is also a twist in the end…​
"Thank you, but your foozle is in another dungeon."
Classic Games Remade offers a demo or the full game for $25 (good luck with that).

Thanks to getter77 for the tip

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