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Frayed Knights Loremongering

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Frayed Knights Loremongering

Development Info - posted by Jason on Fri 19 March 2010, 22:13:26

Tags: Frayed Knights

There's another Frayed Knights update available, this time covering the history of the setting.
While many evil monsters joined Nepharides’ forces – often for no other reason than the chance to kill, destroy, and loot – goblins, strangely, chose to side with the forces of the humans, elves, and dwarves. Rumors claim they originally sided with Nepharides, but the other monstrous races bullied the goblins so badly that they defected. But for whatever the reason, the majority of goblin tribes joined the “forces of good” and were even instrumental in turning back the tide.

Since the war, many goblin tribes have gone back to their old ways of raiding, thieving, and even killing. But some still retain cordial-if-distrustful relationships with their former allies, continuing to enjoy some level of trade and cooperation.

Spotted at: Tales of the Rampant Coyote

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