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Ask J.E. Sawyer Random Questions

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Ask J.E. Sawyer Random Questions

Interview - posted by Jason on Mon 5 April 2010, 18:04:42

Tags: Josh Sawyer

Obsidian developer J.E. Sawyer has joined some new social networking site called that lets random people ask random questions.
What game were you not involved in developing in any way - that you wish you had been part of?

I think most people would expect me to say "Torment", but I've never really wished that. I can't imagine what I could have contributed to the project that everyone else already covered -- save some combat balance, but for most people the game did not hinge on its combat. The games I wish I could have been a part of are projects that had great potential but some terrible problems with execution, games that had great technology, great presentation, and exceedingly poor system or content design. And I'm not going to name any of them.

Hopefully Pooperscooper will get in on this action.

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