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Mount & Blade: Warband Reviews

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Mount & Blade: Warband Reviews

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 12 April 2010, 15:43:21

Tags: Mount & Blade; TaleWorlds

There can never be enough reviews, so here are another two.

Game-Debate dishes out the epic score of 9.5/10.

Should you buy this strange game from an obscure husband-and-wife team in Turkey? Unreservedly YES! This is that rare beast of the gaming world, a sequel that builds on, and outshines it's prequel. Already there are several good mods out there, my favourite is "Hunt Mod" which pits werewolf-faced "prey" with knives and axes against hunters with bows, crossbows and muskets. If the modding activity surrounding the original "Mount and Blade" is any guide, "Warband" will be a HUGE mod platform as new mods emerge, older M&B mods and those in progress like the Samurai, Viking and Roman era mods get ported to the new game. Buy one game now and get hundreds more free! "Mount and Blade and its various mods has been a staple on my hard drive for two years now, Warband will be there for the next two.....Why isn't on yours?

Whereas Games On Net feels compelled to rate it 4/5.

If this is your first foray into the Mount & Blade games, it's definitely the best place to start, and the price isn't exactly steep. The graphics are cleaner, the game is less buggy, and there's more for you to do than in the original. But if you did buy the original and were hoping for substantial improvements in what TaleWorld are generously calling a "sequel" then you might be slightly underwhelmed. It's more of a spit-polish on the single-player mode than anything else and the multiplayer mode, while fun, is a missed opportunity.

Still, perhaps it is too harsh to berate a sequel for being too similar to the original, when the original is such fun. You get out of Mount & Blade what you put into it, so open your heart and show it a little love. If you can look past its quaint graphics, and grit your teeth through its repetitive quests, then you will be rewarded with a game which adores you and just wants to make you happy.

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