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Avernum 6: the Kharn Opinion

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Avernum 6: the Kharn Opinion

Review - posted by Jason on Mon 19 April 2010, 23:31:33

Tags: Avernum 6; Spiderweb Software

Our neighborhood pal Brother None (he lives 3 houses down in the one with all the pink flamingos and empty beer cans in the front yard) worked his way through Avernum 6 and posted his thoughts over at GameBanshee.
One thing often asked of Avernum titles is “can I start off with this one?” The answer is always “yes”, as each individual Avernum assumes no prior experience with the system or world and explains everything very clearly. But perhaps more than its predecessors, Avernum 6 is a title that is more enjoyable the more you know of the franchise, and new fans may not understand the grandeur of certain sequences (the final events with X spring to mind). If you're interested in the series, I'd recommend starting with Avernum 4, but kicking things off with Avernum 6 is certainly plausible if you understand that you may not fully grasp the scope of some events.

But to view it within the franchise: if there's one thing I want to highlight about Avernum 6, it's to show that even with all the similarities from title to title, Avernum as a series has evolved. Jeff Vogel has clearly learned many things in quest and combat design, and even in writing. In my opinion, Avernum 6 is the best title of the series, keeping an enjoyable pace throughout, and with a weak main story made up for by well-written individual quests and locations. It really makes one regret the series is ending, but at least it's going out on a high note, and perhaps that's for the best.

Playing this one myself and I've got to agree it's the best of the series. Possibly my favorite Spiderweb title altogether, but I haven't reached the end yet. Give me another 6 months.

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