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Inside the Vault: Obsidian’s Joe Sanabria

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Inside the Vault: Obsidian’s Joe Sanabria

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 30 April 2010, 10:31:32

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

... gets some time in the spotlight at the Bethblog.

What’s your job at Obsidian?

I’m a Senior Artist here at the studio, which is what they call you when you get gray hairs and have been doing this for a few years.
My job in a nutshell is to make Fallout: New Vegas look good. I focus on the visual development of the game and define the artistic direction.

What games have you worked on?

The first game I worked on was called the Neverhood Chronicles, a cool little PC title done entirely in clay. After that I worked on Skullmonkeys, which was a side scrolling platform game on the PS1. In addition to being one of the level designers, I was also a level boss named Joe Head Joe.
From design and art I moved into a Producer role and worked on Boombots. After that I worked on some more main stream titles, Test Drive Off-Road and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, in which I got to create the some of the in-game characters including the Governator himself.
And now I’m working on this game called Fallout: New Vegas!

Bethesda does not only hold whole Obsidian Entertainment hostage - no, according to Gamebanshee they're infiltrating Germany as we speak.

April 29, 2010 (London, UK) – Bethesda Softworks®, a ZeniMax® Media company, today announced the expansion of its global operations, opening offices in Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France.

Where will it end?

Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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