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Two Worlds II Interview

Two Worlds II Interview

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 3 May 2010, 14:35:55

Tags: Reality Pump Studios

Will Two Worlds II be even better than Oblivion?

The Two Worlds II map spans an amazing 60 km2, we're not fans of comparing but Oblivion had 41 km2 and already required a lot of travelling with interesting areas sometimes few and far between. How do you keep the players from becoming tired of traveling large distances?
Mirek Dymek: We have two methods of avoiding this - as well as the standard walking/running, players can ride, sail and teleport. Riding and sailing are much faster than walking or swimming - players will be able to see the environment they're travelling in - and actually enjoy their journeys. Well thought-out teleportation is especially important in our huge world. Thanks to fixed-location portals and mobile teleport stones, the player has a very sophisticated "travel network" at his disposal to get from A to B. And we've also implemented literally hundreds of side quests into the game - and these will guarantee that boredom remains an unknown word in Antaloor - even if a quest takes a player all over the vast continent!

Do the math yourself, 60 km2 > 41 km2, so the answer is yes.

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