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IGN: Two Worlds II Interview

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IGN: Two Worlds II Interview

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 6 May 2010, 10:33:56

Tags: Reality Pump Studios; Two Worlds

... with Jake DiGennaro and Devon Smith from Topware US (publisher of TW2)

TWVault: What about QTE's or maybe dialogues that require timed input - those are increasingly popular (Heavy Rain being the best examples), and Antaloor Post revealed that there're going to be realtime interactive cutscenes and conversations. Can you expand on the features used to make conversations more lively and unpredictable...?

Devon: QTE's have kind of become a bit of a crutch haven't they? It's kinda gaming's way of dangling a carrot that they never intend to give the player. Heavy Rain was an incredibly cinematic experience in the most literal sense.

In contrast, Two Worlds II is an open world RPG where the player has control of the character. What we really wanted to do was to blur the line between slashing and talking. Players maintain control of the camera (which uses a slight rack-focus on the speaking characters), as well as the hero himself. This doesn't mean that we don't have cutscenes -- we simply wanted to use them for only the most dramatic or eyecatching moments.

Jake: Agreed, it's really nice to have a dialogue system that makes a more seamless transition between the active gameplay and NPC interaction. It brings the player into the conversation more effectively than our first venture into the RPG world, and makes the experience more enjoyable as a whole.​

Seeing that those 2 guys are most likely some marketing dudes I anticipated the interview to be very informative.

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