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Frayed Knights: Wings of Liberty

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Frayed Knights: Wings of Liberty

Development Info - posted by Jason on Fri 7 May 2010, 22:56:28

Tags: Frayed Knights

Extensive market research has shown that what gamers will pay for once, they'll likely pay for three times. With that in mind, Jay "Rampant Coyote" Barnson has a Frayed Knights announcement.

So – to get this bad boy under control, I could either aggressively shrink the scope of the project – something I’m too sucky of a project manager and too egotistical as a designer to do – or ….

Cue Big News fanfare (for the five or six people who might care and don’t know already)…

… We could break the project up into its three acts as separate, smaller, cheaper games.

This feels like a very natural move. I’d been fretting recently that the three acts were too self-contained, and I’d gone out of my way to force the player to go between areas that “belonged” in separate acts. I have to undo a little bit of work here, but the game breaks very naturally along these three lines. It feels like I’ve been subconsciously planning this all along.​

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