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Alpha Protocol Reviewed

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Alpha Protocol Reviewed

Review - posted by Jason on Wed 19 May 2010, 06:57:39

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

The first totally illegal scans of an Alpha Protocol review come to us from Spanish magazine Playmania. Free PC Guides (yep, that's the site name) were kind enough to link to the scans and provide a translated overview.

<ul style="z-index: -10;">
[*]Graphics -&gt; 80 - The exteriors are not so bad but the models and their animations are far from perfect.
<ul style="z-index: -20;">
[*] Sound -&gt; 90 - Appropriate soundtrack.
<ul style="z-index: -30;">
[*] Diversity -&gt; 89 - Even though it's the same game, there are many possibilities when it comes to customizing your character and deciding how to play.
<ul style="z-index: -40;">
[*] Duration -&gt; 90 - The replayability factor is really high. You can play Alpha Protocol a lot of times without experiencing the same adventure.
<ul style="z-index: -50;">
[*] Overall -&gt; 88 - A spy role playing game that succeeds in blending action with stealth and gives players a high degree of freedom in choosing how they want to proceed.
<p style="text-align: left;">The Best parts of Alpha Protocol -&gt; The freedom to choose how you want to acoplish your objectives and a great decision making system.
The Worst parts of Alpha Protocol -&gt; Outdated graphics and basic AI.
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