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No Trannies Allowed

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No Trannies Allowed

Editorial - posted by Jason on Thu 20 May 2010, 23:07:28

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

Kharn points out an opinion piece over at The Border House that might be of interest to some of our readers:
"Fallout: New Vegas Set to Feature Transphobia?"

Herein lies the first problem. It is a jarring image, and I can’t imagine for a second that that wasn’t intentional. Essentially, they’ve made this character be transgender for shock value, or because they wanted to play it for laughs. Haha, aren’t those transgender people absolutely hilarious?

This sort of attitude is bad enough at the best of times, but sad to say, this is not the best of times. Making the transgender character be a super mutant is not at all subtle. It paints an image of transwomen as brutish, ugly freaks who you can spot a mile off. You can put a pig in lipstick, but it’s still a a pig. Or a super mutant. Or a man.

Then, just for good measure, because apparently they weren’t insulting enough already, the character is a crazed villain. Who you get to kill. Fantastic.​
Not sure I see the problem here. But for those that do, rest assured that Bethesda is addressing your concerns:

Female humans who undergo transformation into Super Mutants effectively lose any externally apparent biological sex characteristics associated with being female.  I.e. they are indistinguishable from male humans who have undergone the same transformation.  Arguably all Super Mutants are monogender even if they retain some vestigial biological sex characteristics since said characteristics no longer have any social or biological meaning in Super Mutant society — and because most of them lose all memory of their former lives.  Tabitha wears a wig and glasses not because she is transgender, but because she has psychological identity problems that are rooted in her extensive use of Stealth Boys – a drug used in the universe of Fallout.
Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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