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Alpha Protocol is better than Mass Effect 2

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Alpha Protocol is better than Mass Effect 2

Review - posted by Jason on Wed 2 June 2010, 17:38:32

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

Tom Chick can think of at least 11 reasons why Alpha Protocol is a better game than Mass Effect 2.

4) Conversations
Your choice of things to say in Alpha Protocol is almost always clear. It's a simple abstract system. You choose among suave, aggressive, and professional comments (the developers break it down as Bond, Bauer, or Borne). Sometimes you get a bonus choice if you've met certain prerequisites. You could almost say it's like a game! But you never feel like you're guessing, which is often the case in Mass Effect 2 where every reply has two layers: what's written and what you actually say. Conversations in Alpha Protocol are clearly intended to be part of the gameplay instead of cat-and-mouse with the writers.


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