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Alpha Protocol: EU vs. US Reviews

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Alpha Protocol: EU vs. US Reviews

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 4 June 2010, 18:23:28

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

... which ones are better and why?


Free PC Guides took a closer look at this pressing issue.

Many of you have probably noticed how many radically different Alpha Protocol reviews are out there, both in terms of overall scores but also regarding the appreciated/criticized elements. If you take a closer look at these articles (online or written) you will observe that two trends exist: one that consists of bashing almost all the game’s components, and another one that appreciates the game as a blend that’s ultimately better than the sum of its parts. While both currents identify almost the same issues (mostly graphics and AI departments) the first review category finds these issues “game breaking”, while the latter views them only as some flaws that could have been avoided, but don’t damage the entire gaming experience.

The existence of the two very oposite trends didn’t initially intrigue me too much but, after putting the pieces together, I’ve realized that the “negative” one is emphasized almost exclusively within the US reviews, while the “positive” trend is made out almost entirely out of European Alpha Protocol reviews.

I'm stealthin' the Brotocols right now.


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