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All Your Burning Two Worlds 2 Questions Answered

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All Your Burning Two Worlds 2 Questions Answered

Interview - posted by Jason on Thu 10 June 2010, 06:42:32

Tags: Two Worlds

Over at the Two Worlds Wiki (part of Ausir's Endless Parade of Wikia), you can submit questions to be answered by the Two Worlds II developers.

As the release of Two Worlds II is coming up, fans of the first game, as well as new players, probably have all sorts of questions to the developers. Fortunately, TopWare agreed to an exclusive community interview here at the Two Worlds Wiki. Simply post your questions as comments here, and we will send them to the developers!

The game, developed by Reality Pump and published by TopWare Interactive/SouthPeak Games, is coming to the PC, 360 and PS3 this September.​
Question 1: When will Ausir stop making Wikia sites for random games?
Spotted at: Two Worlds Guru

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