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Cyclopean Development Update

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Cyclopean Development Update

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 16 June 2010, 15:16:11

Tags: Cyclopean; Iron Tower Studio

For those of you following the development of this Iron Tower Studios project, Scott has put up some in game renders depicting... buildings as far as I can tell. I also think I spotted a carpet.

I hear some of you* asking Why are there no furnishings?  I'm concentrating on base areas right now, Downtown Arkham exteriors, and interior floorplans.  I figure if I get someone to help out with 3D models one day, he will most likely be working on props as my interiors follow a very strict protocol in regarding to sizing.  I also have my own texture-mapping system which some have called insane...  Some doors are missing as well-- they are separate props.  One other thing:  before final export I intend to warp a few roofs and skew the buildings slightly out of true, but light cosmetic touches like that are best saved until you absolutely know no further editing is needed.
Spotted at: ITS

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