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Medium Alpha Protocol Review Extravaganza

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Medium Alpha Protocol Review Extravaganza

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 29 June 2010, 19:25:59

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

I present to you another batch of Alpha Protocol reviews, this time of the rather positive sorts.
First in the line is PasteMagazine who think that saving the world, one decision at a time is worth 7.3/10.

Unlike other games that offer expansive decision-making, choices in Alpha Protocol have long-term consequences. Let that terrorist leader live and he’ll email you intelligence reports, but speak too flippantly to an ally and she might not have your back anymore. Palpable consequences lead to a totally interactive experience that you’ll have to play through multiple times to fully appreciate.
Yes, those "Email Consequences" are certainly on of the greatest innovations in modern RPGs.
Game-Pad took a look at the game too for a final score of 7.1/10.

We then come on to the decision making. At first glance it seems to make a massive impact. However this is strangely deceiving as you'll soon find out. It seems like regardless of what you decide to do, whether your harsh to everyone, kind, or decide to kill most people you'll still get the same ending with a slight variation. Overall it seems like Obsidian were setting the game up for a sequel. Not to spoil the ending too much, but the decisions don't seem to have much direct impact, and the text that follows these missions talks about "ramifications". Unfortunately the reception the game recieved critically may result in there never being a sequel, which means we wont be able to see the outcome of the decisions made.
ZoKnowsGaming concludes that Obsidian delivered something very special, 8/10.

With that said though, Alpha Protocol has proven that this new genre of the action RPG is not only viable but when done properly it can thrive and it makes me excited to see what other developers are going to do going forward in this space. To me it has everything you could ask for in a very, very good game and if it wasn’t for the crazy increase in difficulty in some of the major battles it would have been near perfect in my opinion. It doesn’t have the greatest graphics, but in a game like this there is just so much more that it doesn’t take away as much as you might think. As is, Alpha Protocol is a very good game that will definitely keep you occupied for 20+ hours if you explore all the game’s missions which I recommend doing. In what is going to be a pretty slow few months, Alpha Protocol is one of the best games available and I would definitely recommend it for both hardcore RPG fans and casual gamers who aren’t really into the normal type of RPGs. Alpha Protocol won’t be for everyone though, you have to understand that this isn’t Uncharted or Metal Gear and there are some rough edges but if you give it a real chance it will definitely grow on you.
And finally, not a review, but Play Magazine called Alpha Protocol one of the most underrated games this year.

People who only like shooting games failed to look beyond the ropey combat and see that which was genuinely innovative about the first game veteran studio Obsidian can call its very own. The ingenious dialogue and story systems make for a brilliantly engaging experience.
Sometimes an accident happens and the brilliantly engaging experience doesn't make it into a certain copy of the game. That's usually the publishers fault.
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