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Gamebanshee: Interviewing the MCA

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Gamebanshee: Interviewing the MCA

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 2 July 2010, 11:29:22

Tags: Chris Avellone; Obsidian Entertainment

Gamebanshee chieftain BuckGB took the opportunity to speak to MCA (the man who could never be arsed to play Arcanum but has time to play Fallout 3 a lot) during his E3 adventures. Topics are Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol.

<span class="question">GB: I personally have never been a big fan of Mass Effect, and despite the original having a great storyline, I&rsquo;d play Alpha Protocol any day over it. To me, Mass Effect put the RPG elements in the background and the shooting elements in the foreground, and Alpha Protocol did just the opposite. Alpha Protocol is more about coming up with a build for your character, purchasing the right intel for the missions, modifying your gear for the effect you&rsquo;re trying to achieve, and that type of thing. I just feel like a lot of people missed the point.</span>

<span class="answer">Chris: We tried to bring RPG mechanics from intel, rep, and all the way down to your inventory selections, and I really enjoyed going into my inventory and customizing my gear, weapons, and mods down to the type of character I was playing (in my Suave playthrough, I consciously chose weapons and mods that did less damage over silence and accuracy of shots, and I was glad I could customize my weapons accordingly and play around with the advantages and disadvantages). My loadout actually complimented my character in terms of the equipment's advantages and drawbacks.</span>
If only more games had awesome RPG mechanics like buying intel. If only more games had the bestest RPG element of them all: the dialogue minigame. Professional, professional, dossier, agressive, professional. Really, a lot of folks are just too next-gen to enjoy the oldschool RPG goodness Alpha Protocol possesses so abundantly for what it is.
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