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Alpha Protocol Reviews

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Alpha Protocol Reviews

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sat 3 July 2010, 12:18:03

Tags: Alpha Protocol; Obsidian Entertainment

Two more Alpha Protocol reviews are available now, they're late but nevertheless:
PALGN mention that <span class="quotable_PALGN"><span class="description"><span style="font-style: italic;">Alpha Protocol</span> is not as entirely terrible as many people are making it out to be. 6/10.[/quote]

<span class="quotable_PALGN"><span class="description">One of the saving graces of the title is the XP system, which allows the player to level up Thornton as he completes many missions spanning the globe. Players can put points into areas such as stealth, weapon handling or hand-to-hand combat in order to mold him into a particular spy archetype. What we enjoyed about this is that the choices you make in choosing Thornton's abilities can either greatly hamper or take advantage of Thornton's particular objective. One point where this became obvious to us was a museum battle which pitted Thornton against a character that was well versed in martial arts. While we went with creating a Thornton who stuck to the shadows and took out his enemies with his fists, this proved to be a great disadvantage when we met this boss as our own hand-to-hand skills were sub par in comparison and the lack of skill points in the weaponry categories meant that we got our butt kicked consistently and significantly. This then lead to us backing away from that particular mission and moving on to another city in order to build up Thornton's skills, and upon our return to the museum we found no contest in the speed and efficiency in which we were able to dispatch the enemy. [/quote]
A guy over at NoobTooB who tries to become a professional reviewer scores it 3 potatos out of 5.

I've never used a game getting better later as an excuse to redeem it, but after you get about twelve or so points in whichever gun type and upgrades to the gun in question tightens the targeting reticle to smaller than a hill giant's asshole, the shooting gets to be like a sloppy version of Gears of War and therefore becomes less unbearable. It's still got plenty of the same problems I've mentioned here - you're still running around in pretty shitty environments, getting stuck on walls, glitching out enemies, watching physics shit itself, missing shots because the dice didn't roll in your favor, and worst of all watching graphics and textures pop in and out like it's a Goddamn magic show &ndash; but once the shooting actually starts to work it gets much more fun, in that everything that isn't shooting is fantastic.
A sloppy version of Gears of War?
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