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The Intricacies of Building a Character

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The Intricacies of Building a Character

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 6 July 2010, 00:39:06

Tags: Frayed Knights

Jay Barnson ponders the process of building characters.

After all that fun of choosing character stats that might be sub-optimal, and making lots of decisions in a deep character creation process, there’s no better way to make me feel ripped off as a player than to discover that my choices have been neutered by a game that doesn’t take my decisions into consideration in the game.  If I take a low intelligence, it should play out somehow in the game (with more limited conversation options, perhaps).

And if the Underwater Basket Weaving costs the same number of points as Small Arms, I should reasonably expect to be able to get roughly similar amount of value from both skill. While one could argue that throwing points away on a useless skill might be a choice that matters,  that’s not really what I’m talking about. I would want to see that my Underwater Basket Weaving skill has a cool and interesting place in the story. Or I want to have the opportunities available to make it so.


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