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Darkspore - All Kids Love Collectible Body Parts

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Darkspore - All Kids Love Collectible Body Parts

Game News - posted by Jason on Tue 20 July 2010, 23:07:59

Tags: Darkspore

The Spore action RPG previously hinted at is now a reality. Tremble before the might of: Darkspore.

Darkspore will feature dynamic, fast-paced action as players battle across alien worlds to save the galaxy from the mutated forces of Darkspore in a four-player co-operative and full single-player campaign, as well as intense multiplayer battles. In order to defeat the malicious Darkspore, players will need to collect an arsenal of living weapons - genetic heroes with different combat abilities - and upgrade them with tens of thousands of collectible body parts and armor.

Darkspore will feature three unique classes of five different genetic hero types, with a limitless number of upgrades and customizations available through the parts players collect on each planet level. As players progress, Darkspore builds in intensity, with new planets and enemy forces requiring players to strategically select the right squad and ability combinations to succeed in their missions.​
Head to the official site for a gameplay-free teaser trailer.
Spotted at: Eurogamer

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