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Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance Released

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Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance Released

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 2 August 2010, 11:42:58

Tags: Divinity II; Larian Studios

And when I say released I mean the german version. But fear not, as usual Larian Studios will use the Krauts as free beta testers, an approach benefitial for all of you as soon as the english version hits the shelves.
There's even a review already over at Gamestar.de (86%), here's a Google translation.

The most important info is they basically cut the Dragon stuff, you'll be questing mostly in Aleroth where turning into dragonform is not allowed. You'll still have your Dragon Tower though. You can import a character or start a new one at lvl35, which is pretty generous since reaching lvl35 wasn't easy in Divinity 2. Plus it seems this time you can prevail at the end.

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