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Ultima 6 Project Review

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Ultima 6 Project Review

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 9 August 2010, 10:06:09

Tags: Ultima 6 Project

RPGWatch reviewed the Ultima 6 Project.

Nostalgia is essentially a hopeless attempt to recapture an emotion and deluding oneself into thinking that previous times were better than current times.  Even if we could recreate those times and they were as good as we remember, we're not the same people we were back then and we'd never be able to feel that way again.  That's the primary message of Thomas Wolfe's novel and at the end George Webber finally realizes that and gives the title by stating "You can't go home again."

The Ultima 6 Project is a phenomenal game, with a few minor flaws and annoyances that provides players with dozens of hours of entertainment.  The story will draw the player in and make him keep rushing back to play until finished.  At the end, the feeling of conquest and accomplishment will most likely be tingled with the sadness that comes from knowing that, once again, that emotion has moved into the past.  Players will have a hard time finding a game that has the level of depth that U6P can provide.  It's worth it to track down a copy of Dungeon Siege just to play this game. 
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