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Deus Ex 3 is More Demanding than the Original

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Deus Ex 3 is More Demanding than the Original

Preview - posted by Jason on Sat 21 August 2010, 21:50:55

Tags: Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Eidos Montreal

Rock Paper Shotgun's Quintin Smith had a look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution at GamesCom 2010 and came back with nice things to say about it.

It’s not just that Human Revolution offers multiple paths. It offers more of exactly what Deus Ex offered. The detail in the environments, the chance to talk to an idle population of civilians, the option of nosing through emails- that sense that you’re not just playing through a level but roleplaying a very cool guy in a very long black coat in a very absorbing world.

The menu was brought up at several points, too. There really is still a grid inventory. But there are so many additions, too- you now have 21 individual augmentation slots, and most seem to have their own tiny tech tree that you cherrypick your way down.

Something else that shocked me is the new hacking minigame. It’s dramatically complex- a kind of Uplink strategy battle where you first hide from and then race a server, with extra programs and viruses that can be found or bought and give you a helping hand. Similarly, the dialogue is fast paced to the point of being difficult to follow. I was expecting just about anything from Human Revolution except for it to be more demanding than the original Deus Ex. I couldn’t be happier. When was the last time you saw a great PC game being adapted to consoles and becoming more complex in the process?​
It's beginning to sound less far-fetched that this thing might not suck, although I could do without fast paced, hard to follow dialogue.
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