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Ausir's Fallout: New Vegas Preview Part II

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Ausir's Fallout: New Vegas Preview Part II

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 23 August 2010, 16:28:55

Tags: Fallout: New Vegas; Obsidian Entertainment

After the first part Ausir continues to tell us the tale of his GamesCom adventure. Of course he managed to get onto the Bethesda list of suspects already.

I wanted to try out the Hardcore Mode, but I was not able to due to one simple fact – for the purposes of the demo, my Courir's inventory was filled with thousands of rounds of ammo for various weapons, which made me nearly unable to move once I switched the mode, and by the time I would drop them all, I wouldn’t have any time left to actually play. Although the time I had for playing the game probably wouldn’t allow me to see any actual effects of things like dehydration anyway. So to continue playing, I had to switch back to Casual. Looking through gameplay options, I also noticed that the kill cam now has three modes – player view, cinematic and off. Guess which one I chose? Of course me going through the game’s menus instead of just walking around Freeside and doing the quest for the King alarmed the Bethesda people again, so they approached me, but saw that I wasn’t breaking any of their rules this time.
While I personally look forward to playing the full game, and will likely enjoy it (or am I writing this only because I got a t-shirt?), I still predict that many people will be (and in many cases already are) disappointed by it – some because it’s still too much like Fallout 3, some because it changed too many of the things they loved about Fallout 3. While I doubt it will be very attractive to people who aren't already fans of the series, it will most likely appeal to most fans of Fallout 3 and to many of the fans of the original games who were not that fond of Fallout 3, especially those for whom the weak story was the main turnoff in Bethesda’s game.

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