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The Best RPG Engine in the World

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The Best RPG Engine in the World

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 24 August 2010, 15:44:48

Tags: CD Projekt; The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

... is TSOOD, The Witcher 2's new engine. GamesCom unveiled some new details regarding DRM, Sex, the engine and the ending of TW2.
Tomek Gop talks DRM with PC Games Hardware:

<span id="intelliTXT">Quite clearly, Tomasz Gop stated his mind on digital rights management and copy protection: Indeed, to this point of development nothing was final, yet. But honest players should be rewarded instead of being punished harder than software pirates. Ridiculous DRM-systems like seen in other games would not be applied in The Witcher 2, says Tomasz Gop. </span>
The Videogame Blog on endings:

According to CD Project, players of the choice and consequence-focused RPG will be able to wrap up their journey in a number of different ways, as the game sports 16 different conclusions; quite jump from the first&rsquo;s 3.
In addition, the game will have 3 openings and double the cut-scenes with triple the length.
Another number of interest, this time for its much smaller value, is the amount of loading screens players will be presented with. While the first game did so approximately 700 times, the sequel will interrupt gameplay with a loading screen a mere 4 times. This thanks to TSOOD &mdash; The Witcher 2&lsquo;s game engine that took 20 programmers and 3 years to create &mdash; which the developer considers to be &ldquo;the best RPG engine in the world.&rdquo;
And finally there's a video interview covering the sex topic among other things.
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