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Two Worlds II Developers Answer Your Questions

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Two Worlds II Developers Answer Your Questions

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 7 September 2010, 10:14:53

Tags: Reality Pump Studios; Two Worlds II

... and with "your" I mean the users that submitted questions for the developers at Ausir's Two Worlds 2 wiki, one of the many wikis he maintains. Those users really hit the nail on the head immediately by asking the most important question first: but what about the immersion?

Two Worlds excelled at creating a beautiful game environment but fell short in creating an immersive experience. What is being done to improve immersion in Two Worlds 2?

A lot! First of all, we hired professional story writers who take care of the main quest as well as the side quests and the “feeling” of the world itself. That means that we implemented a lot of NPCs whom you meet several times during your adventures. This way you get some relationships which evolve according to your actions. Even some love stories are implemented.
In TW1, regardless of where an archer aimed, the arrow always flew directly at where the target was at the time the arrow was released, making it impossible to lead a moving target. This occurred regardless of the option settings regarding manual aiming. In TW2, will archers finally be allowed to lead a moving target?

In TWII you will be able to choose between two different bow shooting modes. The first one is the so called Casual Mode. It this one is activated the marker will automatically aim at the nearest opponent. If you switch to the Sniper Mode you will be free to move the target around and aim at whatever you want. Moreover you have to take care of the trajectory – means you have to aim a little bit higher than the original target.
As you can see the devs go a long way providing sufficient immersion, they even include romances. But will they be as emotionally engaging as bioromances? Only time will tell.
Spotted at: Two Worlds Wiki

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