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How Deus Ex 3 is redefining the RPG experience

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How Deus Ex 3 is redefining the RPG experience

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 14 September 2010, 00:01:43

Tags: Deus Ex: Human Revolution; Eidos Montreal

... and with RPG I mean FPS. With RPG elements. Ideally.
If we've learned one thing from Peter Molyneux it's certainly that redefining things is awesome.
CVG sat down with <span class="text_article_body">Jean François Dugas, lead designer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for a brief interview.</span>

<span class="text_article_body">Was there anything about the original game that obviously had to change?

Not really. We didn't want to reproduce the game exactly as it was back then, but rather recreate the aspects in a fresh and new way. We just went in and went back to the first two games, saw what was working well and analysed what would keep the essence of Deus Ex alive but at the same time fit a modern, global audience.

Does that mean hardcore PC gamers can call it 'consolified'?

Absolutely not. I think PC is a great platform, but I think consoles are a great platform, too. Back in the '90s, games on the two platforms were very different, but I think these days it's all about bringing things together - movies, TV, music - they're all converging in the same places for everyone to access. I see it as convergence, and it's the same for games.

We didn't think, 'Oh, it's coming to console; it has to be easy'. We can have a very deep experience, but it's important that if you want to just jump in to it, you can jump in to it. It's not about removing complexity or cutting possibilities: it's about the way the complexity is introduced.</span>
Complexity is only simplicity multiplied - if properly introduced.
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