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Chris Taylor On Dungeon Siege 3

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Chris Taylor On Dungeon Siege 3

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 15 September 2010, 10:24:46

Tags: Chris Taylor (Gas Powered Games); Dungeon Siege III; Obsidian Entertainment

RPS had a brief interview with Gas Powered Game's Chris Taylor at GamesCom concerning Dungeon Sieg 3 and what involvement he has in its development.

RPS: So, what’s happening with Dungeon Siege 3?
Chris Taylor: Well, my position on the project is like a, Creative Consultant, given my role in the creation of the franchise. Square Enix asked how we’d like to work in collaboration with another studio that they’d found, and I said “That’s terrific, who have you got in mind,” and they said Obsidian! And I said “That’s perfect! Look no further. You’ve found the best studio for the job. The guys are so talented, and they totally get it, and their working story is right on the money.” So I was pretty happy with that.
The next step was that they went through all of our lore, even the stuff that people never hear about- the reason why there’s a Stonebridge, or what have you, who’s the 10th Legion, who’s The Empire of Stars- and then they create their own extension on that fiction, building their own story off of that.
So what I do is I read through all of their material, and I turn it around 180 degrees, and then I provide some editorial feedback for them.
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