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Matt Chat does Darklands

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Matt Chat does Darklands

Review - posted by Jason on Mon 27 September 2010, 17:37:27

Tags: Darklands; MicroProse

This week's Matt Chat has Matt Barton talking up Microprose's Darklands. Unfortunately, it offers little insight into why an RPG set in the 15th Century would be named after a Jesus and Mary Chain album.

This week we head back in time to 15th century Germany, or the Holy Roman Empire to be precise. Arnold Hendrick's Darklands (1992, DOS) was a revolutionary game that offered an unprecedented level of historical realism. Experience what the 15th century felt like to the people who lived in it--and see their wildest fears and dreams made flesh! The combat is "real-time with pause," a style that would become quite popular with Baldur's Gate. Alchemy replaces magical spells, and a pantheon of Christian saints bestow their blessings on the pious. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!​

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